The #1 Secret to Writing Great Headlines

Secret to great headlinesThere is a lot of great advice from some very smart people out there about how to write effective headlines that will grab your readers and pull them in. You can take entire courses on this subject, such is its heft. That’s not this blog. I have just one tip for you. What I think is the single biggest secret to writing great headlines. Continue reading


Talker’s Block – thank you Seth

I am a regular reader of Seth Godin’s blog, as are many, many others. I usually get something out of his daily posts and they invariably make me think or (internally) shout “Amen!”

His blog today was entitled Talker’s Block and he asked the question, why do we get writer’s block, but not talker’s block? The reason: we talk every day, we practice, we don’t worry so much about our talking being perfect. Applying the same approach to writing, he argues, will eliminate writer’s block.

Write every day. Write something every day. If you have a blog, write a sentence or a paragraph every day and it will eventually be easy, and the writing will get better. Those few of you who read this, bear with me while I take Seth’s advice. Seth is a smart man. He sees he common sense that many of us miss. If you don’t read his blog, give it a look.