The #1 Secret to Writing Great Headlines

Secret to great headlinesThere is a lot of great advice from some very smart people out there about how to write effective headlines that will grab your readers and pull them in. You can take entire courses on this subject, such is its heft. That’s not this blog. I have just one tip for you. What I think is the single biggest secret to writing great headlines. Continue reading


Should I write more or read more?

I am extremely envious of some people. People like Mitch Joel, Seth Godin, and many others like them who somehow have time to blog daily, write books and read everyone else’s blogs and books. Oh yeah, and run companies. How?

I find myself constantly pressed for time. My job takes up a lot if time, as I’m sure it does for all of you. I have two young children and I never seem to spend the time with them I would like to. Then, when I do have some “free” time, I am met by my constant dilemma: should I read and find out what the thought leaders are saying and doing to expand my knowledge; or write and develop and espouse my own ideas? (or heaven forbid, just rest?)

As you can tell by the frequency of my posts here, I usually opt for reading. Am I making the right choice? It’s one thing to take in information, but without adding my own take, I wonder if I am short changing my future and becoming a Cliff Claven-esque figure.

What do you do?