I Hate Running for Free

The other day I was out for a run and my iPhone died.  This was annoying for a couple of reasons. 

I always listen to either music or podcasts while I’m running. Psychologically, I’ve come to expect it, but that wasn’t the main problem. I also always run with a run tracking app. Lately it’s been Nike, but I’ve also used Run Keeper a lot. 

I like to track my pace and my mileage, and get the regular updates, and have a record of my progress each month. It gamifies the whole experience for me. But, suddenly it was gone. 

Suddenly, I was running for free!

I knew my route. I knew how far it would take me. But that absence of a record was deflating. It’s weird, I know. I mentioned it to some people in my run club and some had similar experiences, so at least I know I’m not the only weirdo. 

What about you? Do you run for free? Or have any other quirks about your runs?


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