That pond needs email


I get excited when I see small businesses doing good marketing, and it’s usually a simple opportunity they’ve taken advantage of.

At a rest stop on the way to Niagara Falls, a company called Coles Pond Store has done a waterfall/pond installation. It caught my eye not only because it’s attractive, but because we are thinking of putting one in our backyard.

The installation is in a spot that sees a lot of traffic, so points for a good location. But location isn’t everything. Coles needs to think of the timing of my exposure to their marketing. I’m probably not shopping at the rest stop.

In the middle of the installation is a sign for the store with a QR code on it as well. I didn’t snap it with a QR reader, but it probably just takes me to a website homepage.

Better would have been if it took me to a landing page to sign up for an eNewsletter on pond building tips. At a rest stop, I’m not likely to be inclined to seek out more details, but I would if I’m reminded to a few days later by the arrival of a newsletter.

We’ll see if I remember to check the photo I took when time comes for me to build, but the Coles is off to a good start.


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