But I’m the Mayor!

Just because your customers are on vacation doesn’t mean you can be.

We have a family cottage about three hours north of Toronto. Two years ago I discovered the marina had a check in on Foursquare. Being addicted to social media, I dodged the calls from my wife to put my phone away and checked in. At the time there was only one other check in.

In short order I became the Mayor of Harris Lake Marina! While I didn’t expect a ticker tape parade, I was curious to see if anyone at the marina noticed. They didn’t. I don’t even think they know they are on Foursquare, let alone how to make it work for their business.

This is cautionary tale for small business owners. Your customers may be trying to engage with you online even if you aren’t there.

It wouldn’t have taken much effort to monitor Foursquare. To offer discounts on items in the marina store for checking in. Supporting that with a Facebook page that posted current weather conditions, upcoming events, allowed cottagers to sure photos and stories.

The lake is small and the cottagers are definitely a tribe. The marina is definitely a part of that community. They could be a much larger part of it, though., and online could support that.

Sadly, they don’t even recognize the Mayor when he walks into the store.


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