It’s not all content on social media

Twitter birdIts been said by many people smarter than me, that you have to be human and engaging in social channels. A story in the Globe and Mail reported on a scientific study that showed just that.

The researchers were able to reliably (83% accuracy) identify whether a tweet came from a person, a corporation or a bot WITHOUT looking at the content. If scientists can work out a formula to do this, you can be pretty sure the human brain is doing it, too; even if its on a subconscious level. What that means for marketers is that we need to spend a lot more time trying to be human and not just pushing out content.

Why? Because people like to interact with other people. Not corporations – even if those corporations have great content.

The study also found that individuals are most active on Twitter at the end of the day, while companies are more active during work hours. That makes sense considering an employee is manning the corporate Twitter account, but it means that they are trying to engage with people who aren’t there. Companies would do well to bring in an afternoon Twitter shift to carry activity on into this high-engagement are.

Summing it up, the lessons are more common sense: act like a human in all your interactions, and fish where the fish are (when they are there).

What do you think?


One thought on “It’s not all content on social media

  1. Absolutely. Social media is the trumpet. And when the trumpet is played, people care about the player, not the instrument.

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