Should you really have that meeting?

I was working my way through one of Seth Godin’s Ship It journals and I came across a little nugget on having effective meetings. I’ve read it before, but sometimes a refresher is just what you need to … well, get refreshed. I’ve been a little meeting fatigued lately and I needed this. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, too, but maybe, like me, you could use a refresher. From Seth:

Smart Meeting Checklist

Would skipping this meeting impede our ability to ship?

Could it be a wiki or Basecamp meeting instead?

If we have to have the meeting, can we do it in a room with no chairs?

What’s the purpose of this meeting? Pick one of the following, and you can only pick one. If it’s more than one, skip the meeting.

  • Inform people about the project
  • Learn opinions or facts that will help you ship
  • Discuss the project and gain input from interested parties
  • Pitch or approve the idea

After we’re finished, how will we know if the meeting was a success?

If you have never used one of Seth’s Ship It journals, I highly recommend it. I bought several when they were first released (there is now a free PDF), but this was the first time I actually opened one and used it. It provided remarkable clarity for what I needed to do, and who I needed to involve to make my project a success.

If you have any effective meeting tips, please share.


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