My Valentine’s Day marketing lesson

This year for Valentine’s Day I got a lesson in marketing. No, not a book or a seminar registration from my wife (although that would be nice). This was a lesson in understanding your audience paid to me by my 5-year-old daughter.

I bought my wife some flowers on the way home from work (yes, I am the last-minute guy). As I hit the front step and reached for the door handle a thought occurred to me: I have two women in the house. I had no time to process the thought and act on it, though, before I was through the door and inside.

Almost immediately my daughter ran up to me and said, “oh daddy, are those for me?” stretching out her arms. And, of course, now they were.

Fortunately my wife witnessed the whole thing and just smiled and later told the story with a laugh to her mother.

As I reflected on it later it made me think that I should have known better. I knew I had a daughter who loved flowers. But I was too narrowly focused on my wife’s reaction and didn’t consider the environmental factors that would affect that situation. Gift giving and marketing lesson learned!

Next year, two bouquets.