Costa Rican Land Barons Part II

I had great plans of updating this blog three or four times while we were in Costa Rica to see our property, in order to chronicle our experience … but, sketchy wi-fi at our hotel and then an explosion at the phone company that took our service to nearly the entire province we were in nixed those plans.

So, we’re back home now, but we did manage to get to see our property. After some wrong turns, questionable directions and a little help from the local police in Bananito Sur, we eventually met up with our guide. We hiked through some of the densest jungle either of us had imagined (and my wife backpacked through the Amazon) and ended up at our property; which was some of that same dense jungle.

My wife following a complete stranger with a machete into the deep jungle (also known as property viewing)

Our property marker. Yes it's real, it's jungle and it's ours!

I think it’s going to be a little more work than we thought, and I”ll need a big machete,¬†but for thick, nearly impenetrable jungle, it’s beautiful.

We both had some second thoughts after leaving. Could we clear that land, would we be able to sell any of it, were we nuts. Back in Cahuita, we met a woman named Jody who did pretty much the same thing we did six years ago; that made things a little easier. Between her and a number of other expats and locals we met while down there, I think we are optimistic we can make this work. Maybe not as quickly as we thought, but eventually.

Step number one is getting a¬†topographer to survey the property so we can a) figure out the best place to build; and b) segment the land into smaller parcels in the hopes to sell one or two to fund our construction. Baby steps, but here we go …

Random shot and one of the many reasons we love Costa Rica.


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