I’m addicted to my iPhone

My addiction


It was at a neighbour’s house when I realized it. We were talking about something – I can’t remember what – when a fact came into question. I immediately reached for my iPhone, a vision of my Google app flashing through my mind, but then I remembered I had left it at home. 

There was actually a moment when I considered getting up and running home to get it. Yep, I’m addicted to my iPhone. 

My wife had suggested as much before, but I had always brushed it off. Ridiculous, I just make use of a convenient technology. I don’t know when it became more than convenient, but I’m sure it happened fast. 

This all reminded me of a blog I read recently created by some journalism students (18to34.org) about a research project they did. In it, they interviewed some young entrepreneurs who said they want brief news at their disposal whenever they are moved by the whim to read it. It seems I’m not alone in my need for instant access to information. 

This need for instant gratification tells me that if a customer can’t find the information they’re looking for from you, at the exact moment they need it, they’ll move onto the company that can. That creates a whole slew of challenges that will have to be solved. It also tells me that, in the future, when I forget my iPhone at home, there will likely be a couple of others there who can Google the answer for me, when I need it.


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